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Saturday, 21 September, 2013

Lecture 1: The Declaration of Independence: Our Guiding Light and an Inspiration to the World. The Declaration of Independence is our most revered document. We will discuss why it has been so canonized. How did earlier challenges to British control influence the writing of the Declaration? What was its importance at its creation, and what is its importance today? Lecture by Morey M. Myers, Esq.

Lecture 2: Culture and Conflict: New England, Old England and the Civil War. The presentation examines the cultural conflict that erupted between New England poets and intellectuals and their British counterparts as a result of tensions arising out of the Civil War. This conflict occured along a cultural fault line between an imperialistic, High Victorian culture based on well-defined distinctions of class, caste and race, and a New England culture based on the principles of universal freedom and equality. Lecture by Leonard Gougeon, PhD.

Lecture 3: The Great Emancipation of 1863: A Momentous Achievement - A Work in Progress. In this sesquicentennial year of the Great Emancipation, Americans should be aware of new scholarship on that momentous chapter in the history of the republic. It is now clear that the slaves were actively engaged in bringing an end to slavery, that the emancipation marked the beginning of a new kind of American nation that placed freedom at its center, and that the job of emancipation remains a work in progress. Lecture by Clement A. Price, PhD.

Lecture 4: Global Justice: What are the Responsibilities of Citizens? In a world in which severe deprivations avoidably remain widespread, citizens of powerful societies have a weighty obligation to reflect upon their responsibilities toward the deprived. This talk will engage in such reflection and also explore how we can best meet our responsibilities in regard to global justice. Lecture by Thomas Pogge, PhD.


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