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A Sea of Puppets

Friday, 25 October, 2013

If you missed yesterday (October 24's show and exhibit), do not miss this last grand finale! Last show in Scranton

Performance: A Sea of Puppets is a traditional Taiwanese glove puppet show performed on a beautifully carved wooden stage. With amazing skill the puppeteers bring the exquisite puppets with embroidered costumes to life. They perform not only delicate gestures, but also exciting fighting scenes and acrobatics. The story is a romantic tale where a young man saves a girl from the hands of a villain (clown character). In the show we will see all the characters of traditional Taiwanese puppet theatre: the young lady, the scholar, but also the clowns and the villains and even an old man smoking a real pipe. The show was performed in over 30 countries. In this fascinating performance we will see a glimpse of one of the most beautiful theatre performances in the world and the sheer virtuosity of the Taiwanese puppet performance accompanied by traditional music. The show is without words and suitable for an audience of all ages.

Workshop: Participants get to create their own Taiwanese-Chinese puppets and learn puppeteering theater skills.

Exhibit: There will be 20 puppets and related artifact from early 20th century to the present on display to showcase Taiwanese puppet theater from tradition to modernity. All participants get to view closely these exquisite puppets. 

University students will also prepare poster-and-puppet exhibit representing other cultures of the world.  Participants will get a multicultural puppet experience!

Light reception will follow. Open to the public, free of charge.    




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